Residential Rules and Guidelines

To become eligible for treatment at New Destiny Treatment Center, you must be willing to abide by the following rules:

  1. Clients must participate in all treatment activities including classes, groups, individual counseling, spiritual activities, and any other outside activities.
  2. Clients must maintain good hygiene and appearance. Body-piercing jewelry, long hair, and wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts are not permitted.
  3. Prohibited behaviors include: drinking caffeinated beverages, using profanity, gambling, sexual activity, and physical aggression.
  4. Tobacco use is permitted at NDTC, but the location and time is restricted (10 minute time slot each hour during daytime).
  5. Fire regulations prohibit the use of extension cords, power strips, candles, incense, etc. in the dorm rooms.
  6. Clients are prohibited from establishing any new romantic relationships while in treatment.
  7. Clients are NOT PERMITTED to have: caffeinated beverages, cameras, cell phones, computers, playing cards, pornography, televisions, DVD players (as well as other devices capable of playing video), or electronic gaming systems (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.).
  8. Clients are permitted to have: non-alcoholic hygiene items, AM/FM radios, and CD/mp3 players, headphones are highly recommended. NDTC staff must approve all devices.
  9. Regular and random urine testing is done to enforce a no use policy. A positive drug or alcohol test may result in dismissal from the program.
  10. Clients have no visitation or phone privileges beginning with the day of arrival until 30 days after the doctor as officially admitted them into treatment. Telephone calls for special needs may be arranged at the front office. Clients with children can start visitation within their first 30 days, however, only one adult visitor may accompany children during visitation.
  11. After 30 days, clients are permitted two 10-minute phone calls per day and one visit per weekend. Visits may be made either Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm or Sunday from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.
  12. After 90 days of treatment, clients will be eligible for an overnight pass every other weekend unless they have been placed under restriction. After six months, passes will be extended for two nights.
  13. Clients are required to perform 1 hour of chores each day as well as other work as needed.
  14. Clients are not allowed to have outside employment during treatment.
  15. You must be committed to do treatment. By agreeing to come to New Destiny Treatment Center you are admitting that you need this level of treatment and are willing to submit to a completely new life along with the strict rules and behaviors that it requires.