Outpatient Rules and Guidelines

Our Outpatient program is designed to give clients the tools and support for sustainable sobriety.

  1. It is paramount that clients report promptly to counseling sessions as scheduled. Counseling is arranged in advance and with client availability in mind. However, we cannot customize our schedule to meet every need.
  2. Urinalysis is part of your counseling session. Failure to attend a scheduled session, complete a drug screen or a failed screening may result in immediate termination.
  3. Relapse Prevention is part of your outpatient program. You must attend these sessions in their entirety. Failure to attend, arriving late or leaving early can result in treatment expulsion.
  4. Children are permitted to attend counseling sessions, however, keep in mind that at times delicate subject matter may be addressed. You, the client, are our primary concern. You must be able to share openly with your counselor about the issues that compromise or incite your addiction.
  5. You will be offered the Gospel message during treatment. Our success stems from the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ, counseling and medically assisted treatment.
  6. You do not have to participate in the medication therapy aspect of our outpatient program. Please be advised that medically assisted treatment has proven to be a key component in successful treatment.
  7. We ask that there be no fraternizing with the residential clients during any of your time at our center. Questions or concerns you may have can be addressed by one of our caring staff members.
  8. Your well being and anonymity are our concern. We follow all privacy guidelines. You may be asked to give a statement regarding your treatment experience at New Destiny Treatment Center. Your compliance is not necessary. A decision not to participate in a success statement will not hinder any of your services. Should you be asked and choose to make a statement you must sign a release form. Your identity can still be maintained if you so desire.