• Hope Hike 2020

    This year, in lieu of the Art from the Heart fundraiser we are holding the New Destiny Treatment Center Hope Hike!

    The Hope Hike is a 12 mile hike that can be done at your own pace around your neighborhood, or even on your treadmill. This event lasts from August 1st until November 1st and the cost is only $30! Once you complete your hike, send us an email, message, or call our office to get your Hope Hike Hero 2020 award medal!

    To sign up, please click the link below:


    If you've completed your mileage click here to fill out the completion form to receive your Hero Medal!


  • Due to my disease I was often in pain, so I started using again. My life started swirling out of control, but luckily the Lord intervened and my family decided it was best I go back to New Destiny Treatment Center to the Outpatient Suboxone Program. Through Christ and the help of my Counselor I have been clean for 5 years. New Destiny Treatment Center has helped me overcome my mistakes and some amazing things have happened to me.

    Former NDTC Patient
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