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Welcome to New Destiny Treatment Center. Many people just like you have found new hope – and a new life — through our Christian-centered residential and outpatient recovery programs. For more than 30 years we have worked to give husbands back to wives, mothers back to their children, and sons back to parents. When you’re ready to take that all-important step toward lifelong sobriety, we’re ready to help you. Contact us today.

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    At New Destiny, we offer residential and outpatient treatment options, both of which integrate psychological and emotional counseling, education, physical exercise, spiritual guidance and the healing power of Christ. Whichever path you choose, know that we will provide you a caring and supportive environment that gives you the best chance for a full and lasting recovery.


    Residential addiction treatment

    We’re proud to say that our inpatient program has one of the highest retention rates in the country. As a resident, you can expect full and productive days that include group counseling sessions, one-on-one counseling and psycho-educational classes. Your day will end with fellowship, as you enjoy dinner and devotions with the other residents.


    Outpatient addiction treatment

    Offering both traditional outpatient and intensive outpatient service options, clients will meet our trained and caring professional counselors and have regular appointments with our nurses and physicians at the frequency level that they need. Medications (such as Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol) are available to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, if necessary.


    Ready to commit to sobriety? We’re ready to help.

      “Through Christ and the help of my Counselor I have been clean for 5 years. New Destiny Treatment Center has helped me overcome my mistakes and some amazing things have happened to me.”

      – Adam, Former New Destiny Resident


      At New Destiny Treatment Center, we have witnessed so many brave and strong men take back their lives, reengage with their families, and find renewed purpose. Our Christian-centered approach to care, not only helps patients overcome addiction, it helps them rejoice the healing power of God.


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