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    New Destiny Treatment Center is dedicated to being a safe place for people to recover. Our Inpatient program has one of the highest retention rates in the country. Retention rates (how long people stay in a program) is highly correlated with long lasting recovery.

    An Inpatient Community of Long Lasting Recovery.

  • Due to my disease I was often in pain, so I started using again. My life started swirling out of control, but luckily the Lord intervened and my family decided it was best I go back to New Destiny Treatment Center to the Outpatient Suboxone Program. Through Christ and the help of my Counselor I have been clean for 5 years. New Destiny Treatment Center has helped me overcome my mistakes and some amazing things have happened to me.

    Former NDTC Patient
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6694 Taylor Rd.
Clinton, OH 44216

P: 330.825.5202

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New Destiny Treatment Center
6694 Taylor Rd.
Clinton, OH 44216

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P: 330-825-5202

F: 330-825-5113



Reception: 5101

Security: 5005

OP Intake: 5202

Residential Intake: 5325

Nurse Line: 5414


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Sunday: CLOSED

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