Residential Treatment Overview

Our Residential Treatment Program is a program designed with long term sobriety in mind. While initially the comittment may seem excessive, completion of the full treatment program is what it takes for brain, body, and spirit to begin to heal from the trauma of alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Clients begin their day early with breakfast prepared in our on site kitchen. This is followed by a time for check in and prayer. After this, clients participte in the core of our program, group counseling sessions. Then, in the afternoon, the client may spend his time in one-on-one counseling sessions or different psycho educational classes. The day ends with dinner, church service, and devotions. This routine, Monday through Friday is extremely therapeutic for our clients.

In addition to the above core schedule, clients see a Nurse every day to facilitate their day to day well-being. Once a month they also have an appointment with a medical doctor. Referals both medical and psychiatric will be made to appropriate agencies as the situation demands. 


**Please note we only offer a Residential Treatment Program for Men at this time**