Becoming a Residential Client

Choosing Recovery

 It begins with a phone call.

Our admission call hours are Monday through Friday 8:00-3:30. You will not be admitted on the day you call. If your call is not answered, leave a message. Our Admissions Director will call you back.

When you speak with our Admissions Director you will be asked to provide information on the following:

Date of Birth and Social Security #.

Are you on Medicaid? (We can assist with the Medicaid process!)

*We do not accept Medicare or Private Insurance.

Questions regarding any criminal record and charges will be asked and followed up on.

*A record of Arson, Sex Offense or a recent Domestic Violence charge automatically prohibits Inpatient participation.


Should you meet the requirements for admission, a brief overview of the Inpatient program will be discussed.



Be ready for recovery. This decision is for your new life.

Upon admission you will be asked to sign a commitment form stating that you will complete the program. This is for you the client. Our program offers the best opportunity for sustainable recovery when treatment is fully completed.


If you are interested in becoming a Residential Client, please call Vance Little at 330 825 5202 ext. 125.

Beds at New Destiny are limited. It is likely that you will be put on the waiting list.

Wait to get into Residential Treatment is typically about 1 month.


**Please note we only offer a Residential Treatment Program for Men at this time**